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Quick, easy and without long term commitments.

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Define your most critical use cases - we build them for you in a dedicated system.
See it in action and when you are confident, use it in production. All in just a matter of days!

What is your Challenge?

What hurts the most in your network? What do you want to achieve? This tells us the use case to implement first, so you have fast results. It also determines which Starter Package to choose.

Let's Build

In 1-one-1 workshops the NetYCE consultant builds your use cases and teaches you on the job. We can use your lab or provide you with a copy of our EVE-NG that is installed on a virtual server.


Upon acceptance you deploy the use cases in your production network with an unlimited license for a month, this allows you to experience the full benefits and have real results.

Customer Experience

Our customer, a mid-sized service provider, selected the Pro Starter Package. In the first working session it was decided to implement these use cases:

1. A CIS hardening check on their Cisco IOS devices
2. Design validation to prevent errors with their redundancy
3. Automated OS upgrade
4. Automated password updates
5. Automated config creation for new CPE rollouts

In just a few working sessions, the NetYCE consultant built the first use cases in close cooperation with the customers' networking team. After seeing how it was done, they felt confident to build more use cases themselves. After a thorough test, the use cases were deployed into the production network.

"The best thing is that we could try and test it in our own network without any risk. No upfront tool selection or training of staff, just working together to get results. In the case we were not satisfied, we could simply part ways. But the opposite happened: the platform proved itself and we opted for a subscription."


Wherever you are in the automation journey, we have a package for you.



Get in control of all your configuration changes


FREE software + videos
NetYCE appliance: single user, single server setup
Unlimited device license for Configuration & Change Management
Online DIY courses





Full insight into your Network Compliance


We build and implement the policies you need for your network compliance
Training on the job during 2-3 workshops with your team
Deliverable: CIS audit report + 5 design validations for your specific requirements
Compliance libraries for vendor hardening (CIS), design validations, security patches, ISO a.o.
2-month unlimited NetYCE production license

EUR €3,500
limited offer from €7,000



Build & Implement automation use cases


We build & implement the network automation use cases that are most relevant for you
Training on the job during 3-4 workshops with your team
Deliverable: A minimum of 5 use cases that you can test and deploy in your network
Plus all from the Compliance package
2-month unlimited NetYCE production license


EUR €5,500
limited offer from €8,500



Experience the Benefits of Intent Based Networking


Learn to drive intent with Compliance, Automation, Design modeling, and Integrated Source of Truth
In 4-5 workshops we will cover the core concepts of the NetYCE platform
Plus all from the Compliance package
Plus all from the Network Automation package
2-month unlimited NetYCE license in production

EUR €7,500
limited offer from €11,250


NetYCE appliance (OVA image for ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V)
Online courses
Wiki access
Software Updates



Every package includes a local NetYCE system that you can either install in your production network or in a test environment. If you don’t have a test network, we can provide you with a copy of our EVE-NG that you can install on a virtual server.

Upon acceptance you can deploy the use cases in your production network with an unlimited license for 2 months. After this, the license will stop without any further obligations. You can keep using the free version if you like or choose a subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I select a package?

You will have have real results that are implemented in your network. Depending on the package you choose, this could be f.i. a check if your network is configured against the latest hardening policies from your vendors. It could be a migration, it could be a password update. It's up to you!

What are the prerequisites to start this program?

For this to succeed you have to give us access to the relevant people, information about your network and its design, relevant security policies etc.

Want to Know More?

Discuss your network automation challenges with a specialist