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Quick, easy and without long term commitments.

What Can You Expect from the Fast Start Program?

The Fast Start Program is a 2-week program designed to to help companies assess the business value of network compliance by implementing the most critical use cases with direct results.

Get Results Faster with the Network Compliance 2 Week Plan

Through workshops and calls, your dedicated consultant will make a thorough assessment of your current network and which use cases will have the most impact on your business. You will get immediate insight and recommendations on how to best get started and reduce the time to results and return-on-investment.

Network Compliance Fast Start Program
Network Compliance Fast Start Program

Implement use cases that impact your Business - With No Long Term Commitment

We will design and implement up to five of your most important use cases  using the NetYCE platform. Depending on your specific situation we will either install it in your network or run it from the test lab. You'll get to know what working with NetYCE is like, while getting the help you need, without a long-term contract. Furthermore, we offer a CIS Audit; our solution contains the CIS policies for all major devices so a CIS audit can be done in a short timeframe.

Network Compliance Analysis & Recommendations

Over the course of two weeks, we’ll develop a deep understanding of your network and business and perform a comprehensive analysis of the results. Then we’ll present a custom roadmap for you, which will include a list of prioritized, actionable recommendations to help you crush your goals.

Network Compliance Fast Start Program

Is the Fast Start Program right for you?

This program is best suited to companies that are looking to change their trajectory quickly to achieve their goals utilizing our Network Compliance Platform. It’s perfect for those that want to improve their network agility, availability and security and want to implement a methodology that guides them through exactly what they can do to drive results.

You are looking for network compliancy in one or more of the following areas:  Regulatory, Security, Hardening, Design, Operations.

You might not be a great fit if the network is not on your business top priority list. If you already have the tools, people and process in place to ensure that your network is compliant with all your needs - the Fast Start Program isn’t for you.

Your Coaching Team

Jeroen Kuiterman
Solutions Architect

Bart Dorlandt
Solutions Architect

Wim Gerrits
Chief Automation Advocate

How much does it cost?

The fee for the 2-week Fast Start Program is a one-time cost of €3,500.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the end result of this program?

You will have up to 5 implemented use cases (or compliance policies) and we will finish with a joined presentation to discuss findings and next steps.

What are the prerequisites to start this program?

Access to relevant people, information about network design and relevant security policies.

Fast track your Network Compliance Success.

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