Intent based network automation

Automating networks can be challenging. Especially to stay in control of all operational processes, changes and configurations across multi vendor (wired and non wired) networks.

Luckily not with netYCE. Check out why!

Today's challenge with networks: manual!

Although network architects clearly define architecture & design principles, it is hard to comply to them in the daily operation. Networks keep on changing and expanding, often beyond control. As a result, 80% of the network’s TCO is spent post deployment, requiring highly skilled engineers and a large team of network operators who manually keep the network running on a best effort basis.

The solution: Intent Based Network Orchestration

Define and prepare your desired (SOLL) network changes first and use netYCE to orchestrate these to your networks (IST). Build, Operate and Maintain networks with full control while enforcing standardization, processes, architecture and design principles.

Instead of having different teams work with their own tools, processes, information and interpretations, teams work together in a standard way with a single view of the network, using one application for change management.

Platform for Design Driven Networking

NetYCE is the industry's first platform for Design Driven Networking. Finally, network architects, designers, engineers and operations can collaborate with one integrated approach to networking.

The result? Smarter, better and controllable networks with full automation and orchestration capabilities delivered on multi vendor and multi technology networks. Too good to be true? Just try it!

Proven solution since 2001

The netYCE platform has been in production since 2001. Developed originally for the internal service provider of Rabobank group, one of world’s largest triple A banks, managing multiple networks with thousands of devices. The solution is commercially available since 2011 and is currently deployed within large service providers, managed service providers and enterprise networks.

NetYCE awarded as "Vendor to watch"

NetYCE has been awarded by analyst group EMA (Enterprise Management Associated) as Vendor to watch 2014. According to EMA: "NetYCE’s solution represents a next generation approach to the challenge of automating and enforcing network configuration policy. EMA believes that network teams embracing the NetYCE approach could have real hope for eliminating the vast majority of risks that manual network configuration practices present to operational integrity, while also putting them in position to successfully make the transition to the programmable networks of the future."

How about the business potential?

Finally networks can be run as a business. Instead of depending on the availability of key resources or retaining specialised personnel, all knowledge gets translated in pre-designed processes, services, templates and scenarios, locking down all relevant details of the design and engineering processes, including its history.

All with the philosophy “Design once, Automate many.”

TCO Reduction

Design Driven Networking has proven to save between 25% and 50% of the overall operational cost.


Design Driven Networking guarantees stable, flexible and agile networks with less incidents.


Due to standardization and process control, Design Driven Networking significantly reduces time to market for new services.


Deployed as designed guarantees networks to comply to standards and rules.

Vendor Independence

Switching and combining vendors and technology can be done without much effort.


New services, such as customer self service portals, release based services or smart outsourcing with full control is made easy.

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