ForumWhat does the name netYCE mean?
Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff asked 5 days ago
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Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff answered 5 days ago

The origin of the name netYCE comes from the abbreviation ‘YCE’ which stands for ‘Your Configuration Engine’. YCE is still at the heart of the netYCE framework offering an out-of-the-box solution to schedule and execute network changes to (multi-vendor) networks. And do this in a controllable, automated and data-driven way.
Over the years the netYCE framework has matured from automating network configuration changes to also managing change processes related to resource inventory, planning, preparations, designs changes, migrations, automation, orchestration and integrations. Now, with netYCE v7.x network engineers,  -designers, -operators, customers and external partners can all work together in a unified way.