ForumCategory: HowtoWhat business problems does netYCE solve?
Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff asked 5 days ago
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Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff answered 5 days ago

NetYCE solves many problems that Network Service Providers face today. Without going too much detail these are: 

  • Improving time to market for new services and deploying changes in seconds
  • Zero touch deployments for new network devices, updates or automated integrations
  • Guaranteed first time right changes, whether this is for one device or many thousands
  • Improve network quality by enforcing compliance. ‘As designed = as deployed’
  • Enable agility, whether this is easy replacements, migrations or deploying design changes
  • Automation and Orchestration of many types of network changes
  • Automated integrations with 3rd party NMS applications
  • Knowledge management, – Sharing and Collaboration
  • Delegation of change control to help-desk staff or even end-users
  • Free up skilled resources for projects and NetDevOps tasks
  • Develop new services and business models
  • Reduce overall TCO