ForumHow can you support a new vendor module for me?
Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff asked 5 days ago
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Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff answered 5 days ago

As explained in the earlier FAQ, we add network vendors all the time. The only two criteria whether we can support a new vendor is how we get access to the device (either remotely via VPN or you send us one) and if it supports any CLI or API-based communication protocols. Devices that only support GUI-based configuration changes are more complex to automate. Please reach out to us to see what the options are.
Furthermore, many processes can already be optimised and automated without the need for a new vendor module. The vendor modules only deal with connectivity to the test & production devices (either virtual or physical). For any type of device, it’s possible to create a new model in netYCE (so without a supported vendor module) and make use of all of netYCE’s functionalities in the ‘Build’ and ‘Design’ tools.