ForumCan you support me in my country?
Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff asked 5 days ago
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Wim Gerrits - Admin Staff answered 5 days ago

First, it is important to know that the netYCE application can be downloaded and installed from anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves for our ‘one code’ policy, meaning that all customers run the same code base. So software support is quick and simple. Depending on the service contract we can provide 5×8 and 7×24 support around the world. Installations and upgrades can be done by your own staff or by a local partner. Simply download the latest patch or update from our wiki, upload it to the netYCE application and you are ready within seconds.
Second, and most important piece of support is training and consultancy. As each network is different, the requested use-cases and maturity levels might be different. That’s why we provide both on-line and custom training courses to individuals and teams around the world. We also train engineers on the job during the first project so they can see the platform’s capabilities and know how to take it further. 
NetYCE is currently based in Asia (Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore), Europe (Amsterdam) and we have partnerships to support customers in USA, LATAM and many other countries in the world. 
We are also expanding rapidly, so stay tuned or contact us at for specific questions.