Unleash the Power of Hybrid Network Orchestration

Configuring networks is one of the most complex things there is. Automating networks is even harder. The rise of NFV/SDN is not going to change that. In fact, it makes it even more challenging.

The vision for this Catalyst is to transform how networks are managed today. To fully robotize configuration & change management, so Service Providers can Orchestrate ANY type of network change with just a single mouse click (or API call), irrespective of the Network Vendor, Design, Technology, Service or Type of Network (NFV or legacy PNF). So other applications, like Assurance and OSS systems, can dynamically (re-)configure the network on the fly when needed.

NetYCE, Monolith and GDI demonstrate how they use service modeling and network abstraction to automate data-driven, closed-loop changes to any type of network for the Catalyst sponsors BT & Rabobank.

By adopting a top-down and closed-loop approach to network change control, Service Providers can now deploy new services without the risk of breaking anything or worry about the hundreds of steps that engineers normally perform manually. This eliminates today's challenges related to human- and vendor (syntax) dependencies, implicit logic and managing network complexity.

In terms of business benefits, this approach not only offers immense Agility (reduction in Time to Market and easy introduction of new services), it will also provide maximum Stability (error-free, first time right changes), full Compliancy (certainty that network is deployed as designed) and enable new Innovation opportunities (mix hybrid solutions like NFV, SDN with existing Legacy networks, etc).

Check out the 2 Catalyst video's at the right: demo and presentation.


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"There is nothing virtual about network virtualization... unless you are able to configure networks automatically!"