Pro-Easy subscription

997.00 797.00 for each 1 month

Evaluate all of the netYCE_Pro features, based on your specific use-case. We will build and test it for you. You simply evaluate and use it. Or learn on the job.

This package gives you access to:

  • 1:1 monthly Zoom calls with our #networkautomationheroes
  • Up to 8 hours per month 1:1 support from experienced #networkautomationheroes
  • Level 2 ticket support for any implementation related question (via
  • level 3 ticket support for any software issue or enhancement
  • Your own FREE T-Shirt (shipping only)
  • Software updates & upgrades
  • Video training courses
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  • netYCE_Go single server, single user license
  • Data-driven Runtime Automation, Config Backup & Change Control,  Job & Config Creation
  • Unlimited netYCE_Go (CMDB) nodes
  • 50 Pro license with full netYCE_Pro functionality
  • 3-4 zoom calls per month
  • Level 2+3 ticket support (via

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