Go-Easy subscription

197.00 97.00 for each 1 month

Learn how to become a #networkautomationhero yourself with support from some of the smartest guys in the industry. You can cancel when you want and keep what you have.

This monthly subscription package gives you access to the FREE netYCE_Go software plus:

  • 2 Zoom calls per month
  • up to 4 hours per month 1:1 support from experienced #networkautomationheroes
  • Level 2 ticket support for any implementation related question (via
  • level 3 ticket support for any software issue or enhancement
  • Your own FREE T-Shirt (shipping only)
  • Software updates & upgrades
  • Video training courses
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Let’s Build Together. Any use-case based on your FREE netYCE_Go license + Level 2+3 support tickets. 2 zoom calls per month
Simply tell us what use-case you want. We help you build, implement and train you on the job. Ready in no time!

You decide how long you need our help. Cancel your subscription whenever you want.


  • netYCE_Go single server, single user license
  • Data-driven Runtime Automation, Config Backup & Change Control,  Job & Config Creation 
  • Unlimited netYCE_Go (CMDB) nodes
  • 2 zoom calls per month
  • 10 Pro license with full netYCE+Pro functionality