Easy and organized network testing!

Where the netYCE platform is used for managing production networks, labYCE comes in as a Network Lab management solution. labYCE is a separate application that is used for managing test- and lab networks as these involve different processes and functionalities.

Managing lab configurations

Lab- and test networks are used by individual or groups of engineers to test different services and configurations. To make the best use of the test- and lab equipment, it is important that people can schedule when they want to make use of it and start where they left off. This is why a separate application was developed by the NetYCE team.

The labYCE application is build to help engineers in their daily work by offering:

  • Agenda to schedule time in the lab
  • Role-based access for engineers & groups
  • Saving test configurations
  • Easy restore of test configurations
  • Multiple lab setups on shared network equipment
  • Power off scheduler for saving energy on network equipment
  • Network Lab management solution

In short, labYCE makes test- and lab networks more user-friendly and better organized.