Markets & Use cases

The netYCE platform can offer a variety of use cases for different markets, such as:

Communication Service Providers

Communication Service provides are the Telco’s and Cable companies who operate and manage their own infrastructures to offer a variety of data and voice service to end- or wholesale customers. Some example use cases are:

– B2B service over Cable, Fibre, Metro Ethernet,

– Ethernet over MPLS

– Managed MAN (Metro Ethernet)

– Mobile backhaul (layer 2-3 networks)

Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers are companies that manage third party networks, such as managed LAN/WAN or act as the insourcing partner for end customers. Some example use cases are:

- Managed (Multi vendor) LAN

- Managed (Multi vendor) WAN

- Remote management and (internal) outsourcing

Data Centre Service Providers

Data centre service provider offer a variety of services from their own data centre. Typically these are ISP’s who provide additional services such as VPN and managed voice. Some example use cases are:

- High available LAN automation

- B2B Services for DC core (Layer 2-3 VLAN’s, connectivity)

Medium and large Enterprises

Enterprises who manage (part) of their networks themselves. This varies from Financial institutions, Governmental organisations and Manufacturers. Some example use cases are:

- Network automation & Process control

- Network Configuration & Change Management

- Life Cycle management, Migrations, Consolidations

- (i)OS (bulk) upgrades