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Intel Virtualisation Support not enabled on BIOS, vmplayer exits with error

I was able to successfully download the NetYCE_genesis.ova from

And I was also able to download and install vmplayer from

However , when I double click on the NetYCE_genesis.ova , vmplayer.exe closes with an Error suggesting I have Intel Virtualization support capable hardware, but its disabled in BIOS

Please advice


Please enable Intel Virtualisation Support ( or Intel-VTx) in your BIOS
The process differs from computer vendor to another

But most likely, you need to enter BIOS (after a Reboot) and navigate to setting where Intel-VTx can be enabled.
Once that is done, if you launch the NetYCE_genesis.ova the vmplayer will be able to run it successfully.

One of the most searched post on google leads to following YouTube video showing how to enable Intel-VTx

Your mileage may vary