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HowTo Run a Command Job periodically ? Say every 5min ?

Hi  I have a Cisco_IOS router where I have configured a new QoS Policy

Thus to check its effectiveness, I need to issue show policy map command

Either Periodically (Say every 5min)

When a threshold is breached.
Please advice how this can be achieved using netYCE GO

Thanks in advance

This is also possible using NetYCE, though it might not be the best place to have this done.

Command_jobs can be scheduled using APIs. Therefore it is possible to execute a command_job action from either a remote host or the NetYCE server, using cron or anything else that can schedule this.

To get an example of an API call, the task log can be viewed as well, System > Task log > select and double click a Task id where the Task name is "Command job".