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default root password


I have download the genesis ova file and imported it to vBox on Mac

When the VM start its asking for a login creds (the training video's show an automatic login....)

how do I login to run the initial setup ?



Hi Oded,

This information is provided in the license you have accepted when you installed the VM. As well as in the wiki article VM installation guide.

Please let me know if I can help you out more.

I guess this is a documentation problem, I already went thought the VM Installation guide, it says the following:

Interface setup

  • Start the VM and login with user root.
  • Cancel/don't enter the net_setup
  • enter the command

the document also list an ssh user

Username/Password: yce/NetYCE01

I was able to log in with this user but its not a root user so I had to sudo su and than the find the .pl scripts /opt/yce/system


Thanks for your insights Oded. I've rewritten the page including the information you were missing.

VM installation guide