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Don’t take our word for it. Simply experience yourself how easy network automation can be and see it in action in your own network!

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The software includes:

  • Virtual machine with full NetYCE platform
  • To be used in lab and production networks
  • FREE license for a single user, single server setup including:
  • Configuration Management (unlimited nodes)
  • Network Automation (unlimited nodes with limited scheduler in production)
  • Network Compliance (1 node for evaluation)
  • Intent Based Orchestration (5 modelled nodes/services for evaluation)
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • FREE software updates via NetYCE Wiki
  • FREE community support (best effort, no SLA)

By downloading or running this software, you accept the End-User License Agreement. If you don't agree, do not download or use the Software.

Everything you need to automate your network. Yes, it's 100% free. No credit card needed.

What Makes Us Unique

No programming required

Unified API- and GUI based framework with all the tools and plugins to automate any network. NO need for software development to glue things together.

Enterprise grade

Out of the box features like systems management, logging, scheduling, approvals, role-based access as well as redundancy, distributed architecture, scalability etc.

Integrated solutions

Integrated  Network Inventory, IPAM, Service Design Modelling, Process Orchestration, Compliance, Configuration Backup & Collaboration.

As designed = as deployed

Achieve full intent-based change control through netYCE' source of truth database, dynamic compliance validation and design enforcement capabilities

Network as code

Ability to organize and store any networking syntax and logic as ‘Network as Code’ in one place for easy collaboration, standardization and automation.

Open, Open, Open

Re-use and integrate Ansible Playbooks, Python scripts, Yaml files, Jinja templates etc and and integrate with north.- and southbound systems via plugins, XML or JSON

Speed and flexibility

Building and implementing use-cases can be done in hours/days instead of weeks/months. Give us a use-case and we will prove it.

World Class Support

Software Maintenance Support for any bugs, feature requests and future enhancements are all taken care of by NetYCE.