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The concept of Design Driven Networking has proven that networks can be automated and run as a business while reducing TCO with 25-50%. This is possible through standardization, enforcement of architectures & design principles and processes control throughout a network's life cycle.

Today’s challenge

The way networks are operated today is putting companies at risk in terms of availability, time to market, security and total cost of ownership. The biggest risk is 'human dependency' as most networks are still managed manually. Statistics show that still 80% - 90% of network outages are caused by manual configuration errors. Consequently, according to Gartner, 80% of a network’s TCO is spent in post deployment.

The challenge is to control all operational processes, network changes and configurations during the entire lifecycle of a network. Today, engineers and operators typically make choices based on their own interpretations while manually changing configurations, deploying services and fixing problems. This causes networks to continually spiral away from its original design rules. Consequently, too much time is spent on analyzing and fire fighting while networks become complex, inflexible, instable and costly. A new approach is needed.

Design Driven Networking

Design Driven Networking is about enforcing standardization, architecture & design and processes throughout all stages of a network’s life cycle, across multiple vendors and technologies with an integrated and collaborative approach to network change management.

Instead of having different teams work with their own tools, processes, information and interpretations, teams work together in a uniform way, with one single view of the network, using one application to build, operate and maintain networks.

Design Driven Networking puts companies back in control, with one approach to run and automate multiple networks across multiple domains. Customers and analysts referred to it as "your network in a box". One place where all networking knowledge, processes and architectures are managed to fully standardize and automate networks.

Standardization, process control & design driven

For decades network vendors have taken a technology approach to solve network challenges. However, we believe this is not the best way to make networks more stable, agile and easier to automate. There will always be more and better technologies available, but it's not the vendor’s prime interest to make networks vendor independent, as this limits them in selling more of their products. As a result, vendors will always develop new ideas and new (proprietary) technologies.

Companies can no longer afford to have a single vendor policy anymore nor can vendors keep up with all developments to offer one total solution. This is a catch 22 and the only way to solve this, is to take a vendor- & technology agnostic approach to run networks. This can be done managing network- and service abstractions. The only way to do this is, is by focusing on standardization, process control and by enforcing architecture & design principles for all network changes. This is what Design Driven Networking is all about.

Platform for Design Driven Networking

Based on the principles of Design Driven Networking, NetYCE developed its unique 'network in a box' platform that provides full control over all change management aspects throughout the entire lifecycle of a network. The business benefits are impressive; significant cost savings, stability and greatly improved time to market of new service.

NetYCE has proven that Design Driven Networking can reduce overall TCO between 25% and 50% by freeing up overloaded engineering teams performing repetitive tasks at odd hours, doing more work with less expensive operations people, offering self service functionality to end customers or partners and by enabling full automation and orchestration. All with the philosophy, “Design once, Automate many”!